The Pebble Effect

Inspiring Ripples of Change

A small, simple pebble has the power to create inspiring ripples of change, the beginning of the process that leads us toward the life we hope to live.

It is the small changes we make on a day-to-day basis that have the greatest impact and provide us with the lasting, meaningful change we seek. I have experienced firsthand the power of a small choice, a simple pebble, cast into the pond of our lives. Sweeping, radical changes to our habits, lifestyle and actions are seldom successful. When attempting to create a wave of positive change in our lives, it is that first, small step that becomes the pebble we cast into the midst of our lives. It is the ripple effect from our daily decisions that has the power to touch and transform all aspects of our lives.

–Dona Fragnoli

Programs & Workshops

Hire me to create and present customized trainings on self-improvement, team building, communication, customer service and related topics. I will work within the needs of your group, organization or event.


I am writing my first book, What’s Good About That, filled with stories of ordinary people finding the good in the face of discouraging and disastrous situations. It is my hope that this book will provide comfort, encouragement and peace.

Radio show on WOPG

Radio Show on WOPG

Monthly radio show on WOPG 89.9 FM / 1460 AM. Learn how we, as people of faith, can be purposeful in casting pebbles that can be utilized by people who are living in poverty to take steps that can lead to changes in their lives and circumstances.

Dona Fragnoli is one of the most effective and natural trainers I have encountered in my 30 years of training and consulting experience. Her dedication to top quality service, product, and participant experience is evident in everything she offers. She commits countless hours to preparation for each and every training, which ensures highly valued mastery of the content and topics she presents. Dona’s refreshing enthusiasm and engaging style combined with her extensive experience consistently result in overwhelming client satisfaction. She is a delight!

Roxanne Bellamy-Campbell, Ph.D.