My training programs and workshops are custom-created, interactive, hands-on, encouraging and uplifting. Choose one from the list below, or contact me about creating a program specific to suit your needs.

Finding Faith in the Storm: Spiritual Resilience for a Stressful World
Love One Another: Faith-based Team Building
Tuning In: The Power of the Holy Spirit
Shifting Perspectives: A Realistic Approach to Positive Thinking
Peace Be With You: Seeking Work/Life Balance in a Complex World

Life can be difficult. Even in the best of circumstances we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed. This training provides opportunity to learn skills and strategies that will nurture your soul and relieve your stress.   Learn how small changes in the right places can help you to find peace and laughter in this crazy, complex world.

Facing Roadblocks: How to Manage the Unexpected
Loving Others: Leadership in Volunteerism
Stress Management: Building Resilience in a Complex World
Making It Work: 8 Strategies for Success at Work
Making It Work: Succeeding in a Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational, Diverse Workplace
Making It Work: Effective Communication Skills
Making It Work: Conflict Resolution
Making it Work: Providing Excellent Customer Service
Making It Work: Business Etiquette
Nurturing the Well Planted Seed: Bringing out the Best in our Children

This workshop is designed for anyone who works with our youth as well as parents with kids of all ages. Explore these key strategies to strengthen our children to face a world that pulls them in many directions; how to love one another, serve one another and nurture the seeds that strengthen us. “He who sows good seed is the Son of Man, the field is the world, the good seed the children of the kingdom.” (Matthew 13:37-38) This training is designed to be fun, interactive and an enlightening experience.

All of these seminars can be taught from a faith-based perspective, or not. Call me today (or use my contact form) to discuss plans for your upcoming training event.