What Clients are Saying

Confident . . . Empathetic . . . Excellent . . . Inspirational . . . Great Presenter . . . Wonderful . . . Awesome . . . Professional . . . Personal Touch

A Blessing

“I could not let another day go by without expressing my enjoyment of your presentation at the Ministry Morning. We are so blessed to have you with us.”

Kathy F

Teaching from Experience

She was simply great. One can tell that she has mastered the subject matter and is teaching from experience and making it real, rather than just reading what is on paper.


Dona was awesome. Very engaging. I love Dona’s smile! She’s an inspiration to me.


The excitement in her voice as she presented raised my level of listening, anticipation and focus.

Wonderful Witness

“What a wonderful talk you gave us! I love the image of each of us coming with a ‘card.’ Thank you so much for your witness: God’s light shining in the world!”

Fran S.

Positive, Charming & Inspiring

Dona was positive, charming and inspiring. She gave us hope that we are normal and can overcome these feelings permanently while being humorous at the same time.

Concerned & Authentic

Dona came across as genuinely concerned and authentic.


The presentation was interactive. She kept us engaged and allowed the participants to share.

Filled with Faith, Love & Hope

“Your presentation at our ministry morning was magnificent! Your message was filled with faith, love, concern for others, joy and hope. It was an inspiring and motivating talk.”

Maryann H.

Right There with Us

Dona shared some of her personal experiences on the challenges of balancing work and family. This let us know she is right there with us!

Very Hands-on

Great mix of learning and presentation styles. Very hands-on, lots of info, very practical and real. Engage with us comfortably.

Calm and Soothing

What a calm, soothing personality! Perfect for presenting this type of material.


I just wanted to thank you again for such an inspirational talk. I can’t tell you the number of people who are still talking about how much they got out of the morning and how powerful your talk was! Thank you so much!!

Kept My Attention

Fantastic presenter! Engaging. She is very animated and kept my attention. She gave great ideas. She was exceptional!


I love to hear Dona tell us how to make our best out of our day and our life! Great job! Loved it!!

True Concern & Care

She interacted with participant in a manner that showed true concern and care.